A little Drop of …

We are proud to present our new and innovative product: the Herb Drops*. A cream of 100% fresh herbs, full of flavour, in easy to dose portions of 5 grams.

* The Herb Drops also come in an organic variant. 100% taste and completely organic!

One Herb Drop, lots of applications

Our Herb Drops turn every dish into a culinary experience. The applications are endless. Create and experiment to your heart’s content: from delicious dishes, sauces, soups, smoothies, cocktails, sorbets to herbal topping on your dish. The Herb Drops transform every creation into a real star meal. Try, discover and taste it for yourself!

Herb Drops make all
the difference:

  • More intense taste

  • Nicely formed drops of herbs

  • Small portions to use as required

  • Does not contain fibres

  • Ready-to-use

  • Does not stick

  • Different herbs / herb mixes

  • Dissolve perfectly

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