Oksana aka Oksana d'Harcourt (born February 1, 1982 in Maubeuge in northern France) is a French actress and glamour model. Dinosaur Triceratops. Old-Time Printing Press. On 6 July 1894, the General Council voted to construct a new insane asylum. 6 4 0. 4 4 2. The villa had a room with a nice exposition of child drawings from their grandchild. At the same year she did her first scene with Manuel Ferrara. More than 2 million travellers passed through its doors during the exposition and on June 10th 1889, more than 70,000 arrived at the station to see the Eiffel Tower. World Exposition Paris. 8 8 0. The notary was also interested in religion, royalty and travelling,, he had a whole collection of national geographic magazines. 7 9 0. Take the official tour along with the other quarter of a million others who do each year, see the bones, hear the story, emerge into the sunlight after an hour to shoot to le Louvre or la Tour Eiffel. atelier d'artiste catacombes paris château événement exploration urbaine exposition graffiti graffti idf indoor interview kta outdoor paris petite ceinture photographie pop art portrait Rencontre street art street art city street artiste Urbex wildstreet 9 10 0. The wine rack in the cellar was worth a fortune. Watch Time Gift Box. In 2001 she moved to Paris where she started her Bikini Model, Erotic Model and Fashion Model career. 8 3 0. The R-5M missiles stored there had a range of 1200km and the troops practiced launch preparations at night, in order to avoid the American reconnaissance. In 2003, in Brussels, she won the title of Miss Libertine. 6 4 2. Beach Background. Les Carrieres de Paris, the Catacombs, l’ossuaire municipal , the Catas, whatever you want to call them, they’ve been on the scene for years. Road Night Stelae. Jewels Panama Novagems. Olyy Strange : artiste nomade (artista nómada) à la " French-touch " musicale et aux techniques artistiques expérimentales. 5 0 1. Love Word Text Mensaje. Visited in September 2013. 7 3 0. 5 3 0. The architect, Georges Albert Morin Goustiaux , won a competition with this project. Expo 2015 Lake Arena. Vdnh Fountain. Urban explorers are interested in various types of places some of whom are to be found in the northeast of Paris. 4 9 0. See more ideas about abandoned places, abandoned, abandoned buildings. ‘Hopital Psychiatrique Maison Blanche’ is an abandoned psychiatric hospital close to Paris, the capital of France. Jan 21, 2020 - Explore Rick Willems's board "Urbex België" on Pinterest. Flowers Bulbs Red. Paris et sa banlieue : plongée au cœur du berceau de l'urbex L'exploration urbaine, aussi appelée Urbex, est apparue à la charnière des années 70 et 80 à Paris. The suitcase with Sabena flight label was really nostalgic. The Urbex exhibition in Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis. 8 5 1. Velociraptor Dinosaur. Declassified documents released in the 1990s revealed that this base had nuclear missiles stored there in 1958, aimed at London, Paris, Bonn, the Ruhr Valley and Brussells. As the next Paris world expo approached however, the city was ready for a new station at the foot of the Eiffel tower, with plenty more platforms than Lisch could offer.

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