New 250 grams packages

Pubblicato su 05/01/2020

The familiar quality of frozen, aromatic herbs from HerbaFrost now available in handy 250 grams packages.

Standing still is going backwards. HerbaFrost listened closely to the needs of their clients. Therefore, we started our own product line for smaller packaging of 250 grams. The well-known Belgian top-quality and intense taste of our herbs will now be available in a beautifully designed packaging. 

For HerbaFrost, smaller does not mean worse, quite the opposite. Thanks to the handy re-sealable packaging, the fresh taste of our herbs is retained for a long time.



We love to produce frozen herbs!

Con Herbafrost l’industria, il food service e il retail possono contare tutti i giorni sulle nostre erbe aromatiche surgelate per regalare ad ogni piatto un tocco culinario gustoso. Con il nostro vasto assortimento, avrai un unico fornitore di erbe aromatiche!
Scarica ora il nostro catalogo e scopri tutto il nostro assortimento!

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