Writer(s): Johannes Braun, Lukas Hainer, Hartmut Krech, Mark Nissen Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.com The main elements that constitute the aesthetic of the EP are the room in which I finished the record, as well as the speakers and instruments I used. Retrouvez les paroles de Hugues Aufray - Santiano lyrics : C'est un fameux trois-mâts, fin comme un oiseau Hisse et ho, Santiano 18 And he always has the ‘best’ sounds. My favourite records of all time nearly all came out between 1977 and 1987, a period which connects : the democratisation of synthesisers in both experimental and pop records, new wave and cold wave, ‘Electric Café’ by Kraftwerk and the birth of techno and acid house. I also wanted to create a collection of music which would be a testimony of the different approaches I had been toying with the past few years : synthetic dance music, sound design, pop melodies, ambient intentions, etc. Payment CHANTEZ, ENREGISTREZ, PARTAGEZ – DANS LE STYLE KARAOKÉ ! Interprète : Hugues AUFRAY Adaptation française : Jacques PLANTE Transcription : Patrice BOURGES-ROUHAUT Partition piano solo + texte NB : la photo-montage n’est pas présente sur la partition en arrière plan . Retrouvez toutes les paroles de ses hits ainsi que de nombreux clips - Nostalgie.fr Laurent Voulzy : Toutes les paroles de ses chansons. I am generally very attracted to music which is grounded and identifiable geographically : I have fantasies of Tokyo, Manchester, Detroit, Düsseldorf, etc. Auteur(s) : Fisher, Dave (1940- ....). L'adaptation a été réalisée par Patrick Astorg : un professeur de guitare et arrangeur qui réalisent de magnifiques arrangements. Sold Date: The French language version was popularized first in the 1960s by Hugues Aufray. Chant anglais de cabestan entonné en mer par les marins, Santiano est adaptée en version française au début des années 60 par le parolier Jacques Plante. They mix several genres like traditional folk songs, German schlager music, Irish folk and shantys. Des histoires sans parole, un voyage au rythme d’une musique profonde, vivante, et chaleureuse. buyers,please always wait for your invoice (from us, not ebay) before • 2 musiques en version instrumentale (playbacks) • 1 musique en version chantée (cover) Playback MP3 Voix. Les paroles de la chanson : Paroles de la chanson Santiano, Hugues Auffray Vidéo de la chanson d'Hugues Auffray, Santiano à Taratata. Final Price: $26.00 (USD) Bid Count: 7. Musique Sans Paroles is the debut solo offering from Pierre Rousseau. back). He produced a couple of records for Alain Chamfort, one of my favourite French singers. Lovely lovely work. Seller Feedback: 2001. record: vg (light surface marks) cover: vg (writing on Yes, both were intended and inevitable. Two of my other ‘totemic’ references are ‘Diva’ (1981) and ‘Bleu’ by Krzysztof Kieslowski (1993). Way out in Californ-i-o. $12,50 (registered: 17,20$) // 2/7 LP's $21,50 (registered: 26,20$), France: 1 Chansons . This album has melodies galore and is best listened to as whole. 2,843 talking about this. Santiano is a German band from the northern region of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, whose genres include Irish folk, sea shanty, and schlager music.The name Santiano is taken from the Hugues Aufray song of the same name.They topped the German, Austrian, and Swiss charts in the mid 2010s. (EUR) $4! Parolier. Les titres proposés sont des playbacks, et non des musiques originales, elles ne sont ni chantées ni produites par les interprètes originaux. I was born in 1990, and some of these records are what constituted most of my father’s record collection, so I am attached to this period for music in an emotional and primary way. Afficher la suite . for this reason. I think this ‘French’ and ‘romantic’ presence was inevitable, as I am continuously in awe of Paris (and I mean all of Paris, the historic centre as well as the often overlooked outer circle), which I walk through everyday to go to my studio, one hour to and one hour back, and whose beauty and contradictions are endlessly inspiring. Any memorial to fallen soldiers leaves one without words. Gripsweat is a searchable archive of past rare vinyl record sales and auctions. (BU.EBR-053). Hisse et ho, Santiano ! Shop and Buy Santiano sheet music. Bonjour je souhaiterais pour les 18 ans de ma fille chanter la chanson Petite Marie car c'est son prénom en modifiant les paroles.Marie a toujours été une petite fille sage bonne élève mais avec beaucoup de caractère, entière. C'était dur A Santiago de Cuba Swish, romantic and gallant synth-pop instrumentals channelling Satie, Dopplereffekt and Air, whose Nicolas Godin appears. … C’est alors le jeune auteur-compositeur Hugues Aufray qui se charge de l’interprétation. Jean Ferrat : A Santiago paroles de la chanson . Bonjour, Je cherche les paroles de Santiano de Hugues Aufray MAIS en ANGLAIS. (prefer), Bank transfer, Check (france). ), ambitious pop records, Trevor Horn, Tony Mansfield, early techno, Gerald Donald, Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance, as well as the parrallel lines contained in Anni Albers, and later, Peter Saville’s visual work. Choice’s ‘Acid Eiffel’ also had a great influence on me. "Santiano" is a 1961 song, inspired by the sea shanty "Santianna", which uses the same tune. 9. Les paroles Santiano et musiques de Hugues Aufray sur paroles célèbres. Dix huit n?uds, quatre cent tonneaux : Je suis fier d'y être matelot. 2001 I did not grow up in Paris, so I still look at the city with impressionable eyes, even though living in a city can definitely weigh down on you. “Musique Sans Paroles is the debut solo offering from Pierre Rousseau. HUGHES AUFRAY : « SANTIANO » TEXTE INTÉGRAL Paroles et musique : Hughes Aufray. Tiens bon la vague tiens bon le vent. By the end of the recording, I was moved by more contemplative and ambient approaches, which I tried to infuse ‘Pastorale’ with. We recommend. Chantez des chansons de karaoké Variété française. During the recording of ‘Musique Sans Paroles’, I was inspired by : my instruments, the city of Paris, classical minimalism, Erik Satie, Maurice Ravel, French and Italian film music, experimental synthesiser music from the 1970’s, Laurie Spiegel, Suzanne Ciani, Conny Plank, instrumental synthesizer music from the 1980’s, Telex, Jacno, Ryuichi Sakamoto (who hasn’t? (EUR) Merci. shipping I wanted to blend the aforementioned influences with the melodic spirit contained in French film soundtracks from the 1960’s through to the early 1990’s, mainly the music of Philippe Sarde, which in itself draws from early minimalist classical music by composers such as Erik Satie, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy. Santiano. Was that an intention ? La Sagesse et Le Desordre France 1989 by Henri (Editor) MENDRAS and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.co.uk. Santiano is a German band from the Flensburg area founded in 2011. Lyrics Santiano. Or, see all payment and membership options. As for instruments, I decided to use a relatively restricted sonic palette. Dunklee - 5 déc. C´est un fameux trois-mâts fin comme un oiseau. As I record and assemble the tracks, I process and mix in my computer. Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Santiano » par Hugues Auffray ⇑ Paroles + Traduction; Téléchargement; Vidéos; Commentaires; C'est un fameux trois-mâts fin comme un oiseau. For instance, if I decide to give a synthesiser envelope a certain shape and tail, I can hear the result as it was intended. Paroles de chanson The Highwaymen - Santiano traduction, lyrics, video. Les paroles complètes des chansons, ainsi que ses origines et ses variantes afin de faire de vos soirées au feu de camp un succès! November 30, 2020, GEORGES EFFIMBRA petite mère AWESOME FUNK SOUL RUMBA TRAD BRASS BAND 7" ♬ rare This would not only clarify my purpose in these other contexts, but also help me address the struggle of making music ‘on my own’, something I had not done since teenage. Musique Sans Paroles 5:44: 2 The Way You Made Me Feel 4:44: 3 Ivresse 6:41: 4 Paris 6:20: 5 Souvenir 4:04: 6 Pastorale 4:51: 6 Songs, 32 Minutes Released: Mar 27, 2020 ℗ 2020 Beats In Space Records, LLC; Also Available in iTunes 60 million songs. single: 4,20$ / 2 to 3 singles 4,70$, world: 1 / 3 Compositeur Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur Titre(s) : Santiano [Musique imprimée] / musique de Dave Fisher ; paroles de Jacques Plante. The bass lines were recorded with a Roland System 100 Model 101 (an ancestor to the SH-101, which I traded it for), which has one of the heaviest square waves I have ever heard, as well as a more recent Vermona Perfourmer. Discover releases, reviews, songs, credits, and more about Musique Sans Paroles at Discogs. {Refrain:} Tiens bon la vague tiens bon le vent. 'Round Cape Horn to Frisco Bay. So, heave her up and away we'll go. 1868. I am also continuously influenced by music which references ‘club music’, without being made for clubs. Pierre Rousseau has just released a new 6 track EP / mini album on Beats In Space and we have to say it's a very lovely thing. Start Date: November 25, 2020. I’m delighted you find the record has ‘a sound’ - it’s something I really strived for throughout the process. A Santiago de Cuba. Yokee™, la première application pour chanter gratuitement au karaoké en solo ou entre amis. The main polyphonic synthesisers I used are a Roland Juno 106 (my first ‘proper’ synthesiser), which provided the lead sound for every piece, and a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, which I used for the chords and pads. [Verse] Em D C'est un fameux trois-mâts fin comme un oiseau Em D Hissez haut Santiano Am D Bm Dix huit noeuds quatre cent tonneaux Em Bm Em Je suis fier d'y être matelot [Chorus] Em D Tiens bon la vague et tiens bon le vent Em D Hissez haut Santiano Am D Bm Si Dieu veut toujours droit devant Em Bm Em Nous irons jusqu'à San Francisco [Verse] Em D Je pars pour de longs mois en … : Heave aweigh, Santiano. Si Dieu veut toujours droit devant, Nous irons jusqu'à San Francisco. None of the records on the site are for sale, these are all completed sales and aucitons. Je pars pour de longs mois en laissant Margot. I am very attracted to simple, ‘primary’ synthesiser sounds : basic waveforms, basic shapes. Partition chorale chanson. I have just received the masters for EP2 from my engineer Adrien Pallot, and they sound wonderful. Le rhum qui coule du tonnerre La serviette en bandoulière J'avais l'air de quoi ma mère Moi moi qui danse comme une soupière. ORCH MALEBO DE KINSHASA ozali phenomene AFRO LATIN SOUL FUNK RUMBA 7" ♬ top! are not responsible for any loss or damage in the mail, Items Blog Droit d'auteur Conditions d'utilisation Charte de confidentialit é À propos de nous. Since we stopped touring with my group Paradis about two years ago, I have essentially been producing records for other people (my latest production being Nicolas Godin’s ‘Concrete And Glass’ LP), as well as providing sound pieces for art projects and composing for commercial purposes. Santiago de Cuba A Santiago de Cuba. Catalogue Faire un lien Affiliation Informations Presse. Tri martolod (Trois matelots en breton) est une chanson traditionnelle bretonne, rendue célèbre par l'interprétation, l'arrangement et les enregistrements faits par Alan Stivell.. Il s’agit d'une ronde à trois pas que l'on rencontre sur toute la côte de Bretagne et plus particulièrement en Sud-Cornouaille.On peut également la danser en gavotte du Bas-Léon. Les marins d’Iroise ont commencé bien avant Nolwenn sans doute comme des tas d’autres groupes ou artistes Abonnements d’écoute de musique en streaming Web et mobile, packs de téléchargement MP3 – paiement Paypal ou carte bancaire. Votre source pour la musique et les paroles de vos chants scouts, vos chansons de camp et vos soirées de bivouac. Start Date: En anglais, la chanson est un chant de cabestan, marche lente et énergique. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your collection. des partitions complètes (refrain et couplets) avec les accords de guitare détaillés sur la partition et au dessus des paroles. Si Dieu veut toujours droit devant, A careening Parisian police siren provides a melodic set and setting for a newly fashioned brand of romantic instrumental music to illuminate. This song ends without fade out Duration: 3:02 - Preview at: 1:50. Santiano Santiano - Santiano - MP3 instrumental karaoke. Merci. Eventually, I realised the music I was making should take the form of a ‘sonic diary’ ; I limited myself to my own instruments, seeking inspiration from my immediate environment : my endless walks around Paris, my wonderful friends, etc. I love having the freedom and flexibility to change the sound of my recordings as I go and understand what the piece of music should become. English They tell stories without any words; a journey at the rhythm of a deep, full of life, and warm music. This is only a rough guide, however. The song tells of a ship from Saint Malo bound to San Francisco, which is described as a place of great wealth. December 2, 2020 This has been a fascinating learning curve and a liberating experience on an artistic and technical level. Tempo: variable (around 115 BPM) In the same key as the original: Em. 'Musique Sans Paroles' (below) reminds me of a modern take on Wally Badarou all the way via deep space. Translation of 'Santiano' by Hugues Aufray from French to English. VAT, excl. Merci. Bonsoir, Ci-dessous, j'interprète sur ma guitare une version instrumentale de "Céline", une très jolie chanson d'Hugues Aufray. €30.50 All Peter Reber & Santiano song lyrics as well as translations into French on Paroles Musique ! Sur la rubrique Musique, découvrez toute l'actualité des espaces musique des bibliothèques de la ville : coups de coeurs, sélections, bons plans etc. Santiano Particuliers -10% Marchands -30%. Niveau difficile (58% de réussite) 10 questions - 28 joueurs Paroles à connaître : 1. Other than that, the immediate future is very blurry! Traduction de Santiano, paroles de « Santiano », allemand → anglais. Refrain. Musique, Poésie de la mer. Bid Count: Hugues Aufray : Santiano. 'Pastorale' closes the release with riffs reversed and an almost choral feel. So, heave her … (USD) €16.50 The shipping prices for the usa from france are obviously not Tout mémorial à des soldats perdus nous laisse sans paroles. C'est un fameux trois-mâts fin comme un oiseau. 'The Way You Made Me Feel' is very romantic in tone, with 'Ivresse' taking the melodies to the dancefloor. Rousseau is one half of Paradis whose early outings on BiS I was very fond of. Paroles du titre Céline - Hugues Aufray avec Paroles.net - Retrouvez également les paroles des chansons les plus populaires de Hugues Aufray please These speakers were first released in 1978, and date back to a time before the domination of ‘big kicks’ and sub-bass in music production. At some point, I felt like I needed to take some time off and make music for myself. It also means I can create sonic spaces with effects in a way I simply couldn’t previously in my resonant living room. 16 août 2015 - HUGUES AUFRAY - Santiano - live (Carcassonne - 2012) + PAROLES - YouTube When I use them, whatever I’m making instantly sounds (to me) like my favourite music. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Although it’s been weird releasing and promoting my record in this context, I have to say I am privileged to have been able to retreat to the countryside with my partner, which has made both confinement and the cancellation of many projects easier. Hisse et ho, Santiano ! 2017, validé par nicoldy. Niveau Débutant. The drums were all designed with a Vermona DRM-1, which is one of my favourite pieces of gear. LES THU ZAHINA baby come back AFRO JERK SOUL YEYE EQUALS COVER 7" ♬, GEORGES EFFIMBRA petite mère AWESOME FUNK SOUL RUMBA TRAD BRASS BAND 7" ♬ rare, RARE 45T 7" RAMAHAFADRAHONA " ANILANAO " DEEP RAW SALEGY UFO MADAGASCAR KILLER, RARE 45T 7" THE ANDILANA SOUND " NOSY BE " DISCO FUNK MADAGASCAR GROOVE PRIVATE. N'étant pas une surdouée en anglais, je ne préfères pas traduire par moi-même, je n'ai pas trés envie de détruire cette chanson :D Merci d'avance . Well, I am currently confined in the French Alps where my parents live, completing the third EP to be released with Tim. Ssntiano paroles françaises sont de Jacques Plante. Vous pouvez également commenter cet article ou demander une chanson, en cliquant sur "Ajouter un commentaire" juste en dessous de l'article. Hisse et ho, Santiano ! RARE AFRO PSYCH SUPER Agneby Jazz (USD) Paroles Santiano Hugues Aufray. SANTIANO stehen für Songs berstend vor Lebenslust und Seemanns Gefühl, voller Träume und Sehnsucht. Wally Badarou was definitely influential too, as he was instrumental in bringing synthesisers to French pop productions and film music. Hisse et ho, Santiano D'y penser j'avais le cœur gros En doublant les feux de Saint-Malo Tiens bon la vague et tiens bon le vent Hisse et ho, Santiano Si Dieu veut toujours droit devant Nous irons jusqu'à San Francisco On prétend que là-bas l'argent coule à flots Hisse et ho, Santiano … 'Paris' brings it home and 'Souvenir' comes with a bassline from Air's Nicolas Godin and is just waiting for a love scene in a film to soundtrack. Single de: Hugues Aufray Extrait de l'album: Sortie: 1961 Genre: Variété française Auteur-compositeur: Hugues Aufray. C'est un fameux trois-mâts fin comme un oiseau. Video by Joseph Bird. It's a very romantic record. November 30, 2020, RARE 45T 7" RAMAHAFADRAHONA " ANILANAO " DEEP RAW SALEGY UFO MADAGASCAR KILLER Hisse et {Refrain:} Tiens bon la vague tiens bon le vent. Some sketches were recorded at Joakim’s Crowdspacer studio in New York, as well as in various locations on tour in Japan. $26.00 Le carnaval nous entraîne Quatre nuits sans perdre haleine L'orgue oriental se déchaîne Et moi qui danse comme un troène. Profitez de musique Variété française en version instrumentale avec les paroles. Hugues Aufray interprète la première version française sur un rythme plus rapide et plus joyeux. Listen to Santiano | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 188 Tracks. Article de L'ILOT PARTS. Le top des écoutes Musiques du monde. If Gripsweat is useful to you, please consider a paid membership! I have always used old Yamaha NS-10 speakers to listen to what I am making. $59.00 Three months on us. Santiano chords by Hugues Aufray. (USD) I tried to reference his music in the composition of ‘Ivresse’, which was initially intended for a film. Dès sa sortie, un mois plus tard, Santiano se retrouve au sommet de tous les hit-parades. (USD) I find that idea very romantic. Audio Clips: artist : Momo Wandel, Trio Papa Kouyate, Quintette Guineenne, Ballets Africains, Sambory Jazz. I made some more sketches for a while in my living room in Paris, but I found it difficult to be inspired at home.

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