Solar panels for site in Vladslo

Publié le 31/08/2022

Our site in Vladslo has recently been equipped with 1882 solar panels.


Our site in Vladslo has recently been equipped with 1882 solar panels. We chose photovoltaic (PV) solar panels because they convert sunlight into electricity. More than 85% of the generated power will be used for our own consumption. In addition, with these solar panels we reduce our CO2 emissions by 78 tons per year.

As a growing company we like to take our responsibility and try to limit our ecological footprint as much as possible. Besides solar panels we also have our own water purification station, a heat pump, led lighting, water recuperation and our production fields are located in the immediate vicinity of our sites.

Herbafrost also has a wide organic range: no harmful pesticides, no artificial fertilizers, local cultivation and a resilient soil. Because of these efforts, our organic herbs bear certified organic labels such as Bio TUV Nord and BIOGARANTIE. 

Thus, we are one more step closer to a greener world! 🌍💚


Nous adorons produire des herbes surgelées!

Herbafrost garantit que l’industrie, la vente au détail et la restauration peuvent compter chaque jour sur nos herbes surgelées, qui donnent à chaque plat une touche culinaire savoureuse. Avec notre vaste gamme, vous n’avez besoin que d’un seul fournisseur d’herbes!

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