Welcome in the world of frozen herbs

Herbs are indispensable in every kitchen nowadays.

Herbs are indispensable in every kitchen nowadays. Herbafrost ensures that everyone – industryretail and consumers – can count on freshly frozen herbs all year long to give dishes a healthy and tasty flavour.

Thanks to the proximity of our fields, fully automated production lines and smart production planning, our herbs are processed and frozen immediately after harvesting.

Ready for use and fresher than fresh!
Herbafrost warmly invites you for a trip through our universe of herbs to discover our passions and qualities!

Herbs are our passion!

After years of hard work and innovative thinking Herbafrost has become one of the market leaders in the world of IQF herbs.

Of course it is a position that must be earned: quality, timely deliveries all year long, sharp prices and a friendly, personal service are of utmost importance to us!

It is important to us to anticipate our customers’ needs and wishes as well as possible. That is why we keep track of all market innovations.

Our staff’s commitment and our professional and efficient approach are the basis of our high-quality products.

Herbafrost is based in Hulshout and Diksmuide-Vladslo. Our production fields are located in the immediate vicinity of our sites, allowing our herbs to be processed immediately after harvesting in order to preserve their flavour, colour, texture and vitamins.

Our agricultural experts keep track of all crops, from the selection of seeds to the harvest and processing, ensuring a high-quality product!

Herbafrost continuously trains its staff to guarantee the food safety and to ensure that our products comply with our quality systems (IFSBio TUV Nord, BIOGARANTIE).

Our assets

  • Processing installations specifically adapted to herbs
  • Quality control and analyses during the entire production process, in accordance with the HACCP method
  • Constant pursuit of affordable, superior quality
  • Complete traceability from field to fork
  • Customised cut and packaging for customers (industry, catering, retail, private label)
  • Ready-for-use, easy to sprinkle and perfectly measurable product without any waste
  • The properties of fresh herbs are kept, ensuring a food-safe product
  • Available all year long